Reasons Why You Should Say Yes To Cork Flooring

By | March 8, 2016

Cork has been used extensively since the ancient Egyptian era, be it roofing, insulators, stoppers and even footwear. However, it was later found that it could be used to cover the floor. It had declined for over thirty years before it got popular again in early twentieth century.

One of the most useful purposes of the cork tiling is its resiliency and durability. These both qualities have always corresponded as the durability depends on the material’s resilience. Besides, the structure and components of cork have got the abilities to bear any pressure and strains. The resistance of the material of the tile towards the water is remarkably higher. If properly installed and maintained, this special characteristic of the cork makes the cork tile product stand out when compared to several other tiles. Moreover, this attribute also makes cork exceptional in terms of reliability among various types of tiles.

There are two more qualities that make cork tiles really unique. It has the ability to absorb noise, vibrations or sound. Secondly, it can also endure extreme fluctuations of temperature, thereby keeping the floor warm throughout the day. It has properties that are hypoallergenic. It is a fire retardant and also impermeable. The fact that it is low on maintenance is equally great.

Still not convinced about cork flooring installation? Explore the other wonderful benefits of cork flooring here!

  • It is eco friendly

One of the main advantages you could obtain from using tiles made of cork is that you can brag about your flooring being eco-friendly. We all know the world is growing more conscious about the environment at the face of the danger and everyone is bothered about the need to secure the environment. People wish to do their part of contribution and are nowadays going for products and building materials that are harmless to the environment. From production of these tiles to the installation of the same, this type of flooring ensures great friendliness with the atmosphere. The main source of cork is the bark of the trees of cork oak that are usually found in regions of Mediterranean. As per scientists, these trees can live up to 250 years and a layer of the bark can be obtained every nine years. This is ensured by removing a thin layer.

  • Special characteristics

The other reason why the concept of cork flooring is seeing great hike in popularity is that the cork has various unique characteristics that are not found in any other materials that are used for flooring. Though the nature of cork is usually soft, it is also true that it is considerably durable. This quality makes sure that the customers get the best value for the money they spend which is hard earned. When used for flooring, the material serves more than just be a floor. It actually plays as a cushion to feet once used in flooring. Besides this, the material is compatible for being produced in large range of shapes and sizes. This implies that the flooring can easily match the overall theme of the room.

  • Durable

The lifespan of the flooring is something that could be easily bragged about and this credit is due to the extremely reliable and durable nature of the cork. If at all a portion of the cork tile gets damaged, it can be very easily repaired by recoating it and later sanding it. Besides this, the floor is also nontoxic, very much resistant and can decrease the growth of molds, mildew and bacteria.

There is no reason you can ever find to claim that going for cork flooring installation is a bad idea. Agree? If you too are looking for cork flooring, look no further than Simplifloored. Backed up by an efficient team of professionals, they are known to deliver world class flooring solutions.

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