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About Dustless Sanding

Floor sanding is an art which has evolved with time into a very modern approach. Floor sanding is very much essential to give the all new look to your home. The sanding if done in an expert way can also be helpful in changing the appearance of your floors. Worry about stains and finish is a thing of past. But the dust generated is just too much! The 1/16” to 1/8” of the flooring is finished using the modern machines and it gives just the right look to the floors. However, there is a need to restrict the dust.

This is when Simplifloored came up with a dustless sanding in Atlanta. With the modern sanding machines in place, we facilitate dustless floor sanding finishing. All you need to do is just plan a day for us to take to the floors.

However, we also help you sand the open entrances and furniture or artifacts. We even cover the sanding of the kitchen cabinets. These are the things which require a real care and must be looked into from time to time.

Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding in Atlanta with Simplifloored

The machines we use are connected to powerful vacuum cleaners and thus the question of dust is out of place. This process of sanding reduces the dust to over 97 percent, which can be called magic!

We have an expert and experienced team who understands your requirements well. The spaces like corners and edges which are away from the reach of these heavy machines are also taken care of. After the sanding is complete, cleaning the space is our responsibility.

We make sure that you have a satisfactory smile on your face when you look at change! Thus, we have a complete package for your beautiful house!

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