No or Low VOC Finishes

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Low VOC finishes

VOCs stand for volatile organic compounds. They are harmful for human health and should thus be avoided. Simplifloored believes in using ecofriendly methods for floor finishing and thus we provide very low VOC floor finishes in Atlanta. These finishes are water based. When they are wet, you could just wash them away with water. However, it dries up as a stronger, durable, and scratch resistant finish, far better than oil based finishes.

Low VOC finish in Atlanta is not just environment friendly but also retains its color. It comes with a fast drying time – it dries within an hour. It doesn’t smell much and is nontoxic.

No VOC finishes

VOC or the Volatile Organic Compounds is a thing of past now. The success of the researchers in developing the Low or no VOC finishes is a revolution. The traditional oil based finishes for your floors comes with a lot of chore and needs a lot of your time.

We thus also provide Non-VOC finish flooring, using perfectly green materials. Such finishes are made entirely out of natural ingredients and extracts and are nontoxic. Further, no VOC finishes in Atlanta also gives you the freedom to choose unique colors that range from rustic to traditional and contemporary.

The revolutionary low or no VOC floor finishes in Atlanta have many benefits which cannot be imagined when we go for the VOC finish:

  • It just takes few hours to dry which is much less than the 24 hours’ time which the oil- based finish takes!
  • The non- VOC finish gives an entire new look to your floors!
  • It is scratch resistant and is highly durable!
  • It retains its amber for a very long time as compared to the VOC finishes which are oil- based!

Non – VOC finishes in Atlanta

Simplifloored cares about the health of our customers and also the environment. The toxic emissions after the use of VOC finish has a deadly impact on your health and also results in the deterioration of the environment. So why not go green and save yourself and the environment from being harmed?

The VOC finishes which we provide is completely made of natural ingredients and extracts.

And to add to your joy, you need not stay off the floor when it comes to the time taken to complete the job and after completion protection for the floors. So do not worry about the new look you want for the floors!

All you need is to contact us and we are here to help you!

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